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Being a school bus driver is more than a job title, it's a passion.

“It's fun, it's rewarding. The kids will do just the slightest little things, you know, they'll give you a little note or draw you a picture and it just melts your heart. Or when you see them get on the bus and they tell you they got an award or an ‘A’ on a paper, it’s exhilarating. You can’t put a price to that,” said Liberty Elementary School District bus drivers Angela Long and Crynn Solace. 

Both women have both been driving for Liberty for years. They love the kids, but they also love Liberty and the family that's here. “The faculty and everybody here that we work with is amazing. The people that we work with here are family and you would do anything for them,” said Long.

Over the past year, school bus drivers have been doing way more than just traveling their typical routes.  “We kind of took over for the paraprofessionals and went to the schools and we helped out,” said Long.

Drivers also went into cafeterias, helped kids on computers, and essentially filled in however they could. That included a ‘meals on wheels’ approach to getting food to students who were learning at home.

“Basically what we would do is go pick up the food and then we would distribute them to different areas inside the community, not necessarily at a school. So we would just meet at a bus stop and bring them food. So they would get used to seeing us every day, and that would be breakfast and lunch that was included,” said Long.

You can never have too many school bus drivers. Liberty is always looking for more. And it's that family feeling that could make it the right move for you. Plus, there are perks.

“Liberty has the extra benefits of only having to work the 30 hours and get those benefits for health care and everything,” said Solace.

If you’d like to apply for a bus driver position, click HERE.