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Westar Elementary School Music Teacher Michael Orme was surprised with a $1,000 School Salute grant from Fulton Home and BIG 94.5 on February 2. He was recognized as a teacher in the Valley who goes above and beyond for their students and fellow faculty. 

“I am totally speechless. British people would say ‘gobsmacked.’ I’ve been a teacher for almost 40 years and I am just over the moon. I don’t know what else to say, but thank you,” Orme said. 

Still in shock from the surprise, Orme predicts that he will use that grant to go toward sound equipment and expanding their ukulele collection. 

“Being English, it was a culture shock moving to the United States. He taught high school kids only who elected to be in his class, and it was orchestra. His idea about band is way different than in the United States, so when we talked about marching band, he didn’t understand,” said Dave Bogart, principal at Westar Elementary School. “He’s been so gracious to reach out to his colleagues to ask questions. He was amazing at reaching out to the Kindergarten teachers and observing them so he could figure out how to inspire them and get them going. Now, the lower grades are probably his funnest groups. He’s really grown into an interesting teacher.”