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safety summit

Photo: Goodyear Police Department

Liberty Elementary School District is collaborating with other Southwest Valley school districts to ensure staff, students and families are well-educated on safety during the school year.

Liberty is part of a new Southwest Valley Safety Coalition, which will help educate staff, students and community members on protocols, practices, drills and information to stay safe during a crisis situation.

The first of its kind coalition in the West Valley, Liberty is collaborating with first responders and working with local and national resources to enhance protocols and raise awareness about safety measures in our community.

The mission is to ensure the entire community around a school is informed on procedures and can collaborate with stakeholders to be prepared for unprecedented events. Liberty joins Agua Fria High School District, Avondale Elementary School District, and Litchfield Elementary School District, as part of this coalition. The goal is to meet and communicate on an ongoing basis with staff and families, along with educating students throughout the year.