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Teacher Spotlight: Carrie Wilmot

Stong, kind, dedicated, honest - just some of the words colleagues use to describe Carrie Wilmot. The second grade teacher is in her fourth year with the Liberty Elementary School District, and her first at Blue Horizons. She’s the focus of this ‘Teacher Spotlight.’

Mrs. Wilmot has 27 students and teaches math, english, history, social studies and science. “I love the kids. Building those relationships is so important to me. I think that is the thing that I enjoy most is watching them grow,” said Wilmot. 

She approaches her teaching knowing it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. “I love that all the kids do different things, they see different things, some of them are visual… and so to me, it's important to meet each one of those. I like to accommodate each one of their needs,” said Wilmot.

Like most teachers, Wilmot has seen peaks and valleys. Last year with remote learning, she admits it was tough. “It was so hard to be online, to build relationships, to build confidence, to especially build stamina.”

Wilmot added, “there's a reason they come to school, there's a reason that there's an environment for them to learn in. And so for me, I just feel so happy to be back and be able to develop those relationships, and to see their confidence levels increase."

Wilmot said she could tell things were a little different at the beginning of this school year. "Students came with a lot of social and emotional baggage this year, rightfully so, and I think we all did. I'm seeing that change now and seeing their emotional availability mold into what it should be. That has been a great thing to see,” said Wilmot.

Wilmot is already seeing big wins in the classroom as well. “I had gone through and tested all of my kids in their phonics and reading fluency. Every single student in my class had at least doubled what they did before. So I am extremely proud of them.”

Simply put - Carrie Wilmot loves being a teacher. “I love my job, I enjoy working for the district, I enjoy all of the families, the people, they’re great kids.”