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Staying busy is the name of the game for the maintenance department at Liberty Elementary School District. “Yeah, we're just everywhere doing fixes and minor fixes, door repairs, desk repairs, you name it,” said Maintenance team member, Ruben Levario.

And Ruben is a big part of that team. “I do facility maintenance. So I go around to each school and fix stuff that's broken or needs to be moved or needs to be repaired. I have been working for the school district going on four years in August.”

Born and raised in Arizona, he's used to the heat, but that doesn't make it any less grueling for some of the repairs. Even though school is out in the summer, his work is just ramping up.

“Yeah, summertime is our main busy time. We do a lot of repairs and stuff that needs to be done just for the next school year to be ready,” said Levario.

Liberty Special Education Compliance Technician Wendi Murrieta nominated Levario for Liberty’s Support Staff Spotlight. She has worked with Ruben for several years. She wanted to recognize him for all the work he puts in daily. “I don't think they're given enough credit, you know, maintenance and grounds - for having to go outside in the cold and the extreme heat. He makes the schools look nice,” said Murrieta.

Ask Ruben and he'll tell you - it's not just the work, but the people that keep him coming back. “Interacting with the teachers, the students, the administrators, just interacting with everybody.” And he’s used to building relationships.

“I went to the service for four years. I was an Army Cavalry Scout stationed overseas in Germany,” said Levario, who added it’s the friendships he made during that time that really stand out to him. He has friends all across the United States, but here in Arizona, his own family has made Liberty home.

“Well, Santos, he's the custodian at Blue Horizons Elementary School. He is my uncle. And then my nephew, Paul, is in charge of the warehouse. My niece Amanda, she's a bus aide during the school year.”

Family, friends, doesn't matter. Ruben is here to help. “Whatever the school needs, we go to try to fix it,” said Levario. Whether it's repairing flagpoles, drinking fountains, toilets, electrical issues, AC issues, you name it, he and the maintenance team fix it. 

He's a friendly face around the district. So next time you see him, say hello!