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Treating fevers, cuts and scrapes, putting on bandages - it's all part of being a school nurse. However, for Amy Svetz, it's so much more. "No day at a school is the same. I work the front desk, I'm one of the first ones here, I greet the kids and the parents and just make everyone feel comfortable," said Svetz, who is the Health Aide at Estrella Mountain Elementary School.

Amy loves to be out on the campus and her principal couldn't be more thankful. "Amy is amazing. She is a perfect person to have on campus. She loves all of our kids, she gets to know all of our kindergarteners, she takes care of us as a staff, she just knows all of the things. She's great for our community, she's great for our campus, and I couldn't do most things without her," said Principal Lynzee Booras.

Amy has been with Liberty Elementary School District for a full decade. Her own two children even attended school here. Even though they're now young adults, she feels she still has kids at the school - in fact, hundreds of them.

"I treat [Estrella's] children like they're my own. I give them the love and support that I would want anybody to give my own children when they were here," said Svetz.

Amy is thankful for her Estrella family and Estrella is thankful for her.