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Maintaining LEAP: District needs workers for before and after school program

A child’s education doesn’t just take place between the start and end of classes. That’s where the Liberty Enrichment Academic Program (LEAP) helps students and families. For years, the district has offered this before-and-after school program where students can expand on their learning, be nurtured and physically active, and have fun.

Not only is it a vital resource for children, but parents and caregivers too. As Westar parent Emily Parra said at a governing board meeting this year, “This is a program my family has used as a necessity.” Parra went on to say, “Working parents require before and after school care.”

LEAP has a morning program starting at 6:30 and an afternoon program going as late as 6:30 at night. It provides much needed flexibility for our Liberty families who have varying schedules.

The reality is though - we can not continue to maintain our full current operations without additional staff. We need Primary Site Leaders, Site Leaders and Site Assistants. These are the individuals who help facilitate our program. We currently operate out of three campuses:

  • Estrella Mountain Elementary School

  • Las Brisas Academy

  • Westar Elementary School

However, if we can’t hire enough staff, we may have to condense to two campuses. If you know anyone who would be interested in joining the LEAP team, please send them the links below.

  1. Primary Site Leader

  2. Site Leader

  3. Site Assistant