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During its Monday, November 14th meeting, Liberty Elementary School District’s Governing Board approved a change to a four-day school week. The change will begin in the 2023-2024 school year.

As the District has communicated, months of research, community discussions and surveys led up to this decision. The idea of a four-day week was first explored last year as a cost savings measure in response to failing to pass a budget override. After surveying staff and families in the spring, it was clear this idea garnered initial support regardless of how much money it saved. For that reason, combined with the potential to better recruit and retain teachers in a nationwide shortage, the idea was further explored.

A working committee was established and met several times, with the goal of preparing information, studying research, developing four-day plan options, and summarizing pros and cons for implementing a four-day school week. A list of those pros and cons can be found here.

The Liberty ESD administration recognizes that while this change may be viewed favorably by some, it is also not the first choice for some of our staff members and families. Much work lies ahead to adjust calendars, contracts and other logistics to line up with this new four-day week. Any pertinent updates to the process along the way will of course be shared with you. To view videos and notes of previous meetings on this issue, please click here.