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Liberty Elementary School District No.25 is pleased to announce its efforts to improve mathematics education for all district students by implementing embedded professional development for its teachers with co-teaching.

At all seven LESD No.25 schools, teachers are participating in a lesson study with a grade level or vertical team along with Melissa Hosten, the district’s math consultant, to review and restructure their lessons. Hosten is the co-director of University of Arizona’s Center for Recruitment-Retention for Math Teachers. She has worked in education for more than 20 years, serving as Mathematics Department Chair, District Mathematics Specialist, and Grant Director. She supported the revision of the state standards in 2008 as a Mathematics Specialist for the Arizona Department of Education, and as a committee member for the revision of the standards in 2016.

"It was an honor to have Melissa Hosten in my first grade classroom. Having Melissa in my classroom assured me that I'm on the right track to successfully teach mathematics,” said Jeanette Garcia, first grade teacher at Las Brisas Academy.

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