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The Liberty Elementary School District administration is thankful to all the teachers and parents who attended the June 8th meeting to discuss the district’s K-2 report cards. This forum allowed multiple voices to be shared as part of a broader discussion.  

Different from grades 3-8, which list letter grades on the report cards, K-2 is standards-based and reflects proficiency with the categories: emerging, developing, proficient and distinguished. One of the main reasons to update the K-2 report cards is to strengthen the district’s alignment with state standards. 

"Input was really positive. We used most of the feedback to inform our final recommendations that will be taken to the Governing Board,” said Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Natasha Camp, who added that the proposed changes will make the report cards easier for parents to read and provide a full comprehensive picture of a child’s academic progress. 

All those in attendance also received a google form to provide additional and more targeted feedback. Once the forms are received, the information will be used to create a final proposed draft to present to the Governing Board in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to view the meeting minutes from June 8th, please click here.