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The loss of the override election in November 2021 resulted in the need to cut $850,000 from the FY22-23 Maintenance and Operations (M&O) budget for the Liberty Elementary School District (LESD). 

On Friday, January 14, the LESD Governing Board approved its priorities for the FY22-23 M&O Budget. 

The board identified several key ideas to explore:

  • Increase target class size by one in grades K-3, increase by four in grades 4 and 5, and increase by two in grades 6-8 

  • Compensate certified teachers by additional two percent in the form of a stipend for next school year 

  • Reduction of extracurricular activities, double activity fee and continue to allow for scholarships for those activities

  • Study four-day week

  • Decrease instructional minutes for special area classes

  • Dip into reserves if needed