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Students at Estrella Mountain Elementary are gobbling up exercise! The school hosted its inaugural Turkey Trot on Wednesday, November 17. Students and staff dressed up in turkey costumes as students ran laps around a track for prizes.

Ms. Pluguez running the turkey trot with students

The top two finishers in each grade level race received the pie of their choice, and all students received refreshments after the race.

"It's such a fun experience for the families to be able to come out and participate with their kids and see them being active," said Michelle Pluguez, an Estrella physical education teacher.

"We tell the kids all the time when we work out it makes our brain stronger, our body stronger, our test scores turn out better. So it's really just bringing it all together and making sure that they're the best that they can be in the classroom as well," said Pluguez, who helped make the Turkey Trot possible.

The goal is to continue this as a tradition and even include other themed races throughout the year.