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Allison Ryal-Bagley loves math. She also loves kids, which adds up to a perfect combination for her sixth graders at Westar Elementary. “I love mathematics and I think mathematics is so important for our kids’ futures and for our nation,” said Ryal-Bagley.

Allison Ryal-Bagley seen here speaking to the Governing Board about math curriculum

Ever heard the saying, “I’m not a math person”? Well, she doesn’t believe in that, but she does believe we have to make it interesting and relevant. 

That’s why Ryal-Bagley applied for and received a grant with Westside Impact, which funds innovative projects. She bought KP tiles, which are helping students learn percentages -- a key part of the sixth grade math curriculum. She believes it will help students better understand percentages, but that’s just the beginning.

“This is a game-changer. We have kids who do struggle with mathematics, who do struggle with reading, who do struggle with their academics. The minute you hand them something, they all of a sudden are able to connect with it,” said Ryal-Bagley. 

She knows not everyone is going to grow up to be a mathematician, but she says her overall goal is for kids to “fall in love with math or at least like it.”