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Hear from Our Staff

Christina Smith, 4th Grade Teacher, Freedom Elementary

"Here in Liberty, student success is what defines my career. By the time my students arrive, I’m ready to face the day, knowing I will have a positive impact on their lives. I love the challenge of meeting each child’s unique needs. It is so encouraging to come to a place every day having teammates and leaders that are there for one another each step of the way.  Together, we prepare our students for daily success and build confidence so they can face the challenges of tomorrow. I am here because of the bonds that bring teachers together.  I am here because of the kids I get to teach every day."

Physical Education Teacher, Liberty Elementary & Blue Horizons Elementary

Kendra Goodere attended Liberty Elementary Center for AgScience Education as a student. Since then, she has been a teacher there and at Blue Horizons Elementary for a combined 20+ years, and now she wants to become a principal. It’s that connection to the community and the opportunities for growth that make Liberty so special for so many.

Luz Rodriguez, DLI Teacher, Las Brisas Academy

"Here in Liberty, my career is in my hands.  With our signature program, I have been able to match my personal skills and strengths with my passion for teaching.  Here, we focus on innovative ways to help students succeed.  Here we make learning accessible and equitable for all.  I love coming to work each day, knowing I have the support of teachers next door. I also know that I have opportunities to collaborate with colleagues throughout our district. We are provided with opportunities to work toward continuous improvement as one district. In Liberty, we share common values. Those values are why I’m here. Our students are why we’re here."

Dave Bogart, Principal, Westar Elementary School 

"Over the past 30 years, I have been a part of the growth and development of Liberty Elementary School District.  I have seen the transformation of this school district into what it has become today.  Here, we take great pride in collaboration, innovation, and integrity.  Here, we take care of each other. I love coming to work everyday, leading a school and serving a community that has grown as I have.  Each day, teachers, support staff and administrators work together to cultivate curious and confident problem solvers prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. I am honored to work in a district that has community as its foundation.  I am proud to be Liberty."

Mrs. Gabel, 8th Grade Teacher, Estrella Mountain Elementary

"I’ve been teaching over 30 years and when I finally got the chance to come to this district, one is close to my home so I have a very short commute, but in a lot of other districts, a lot of behavior issues occur and so you feel like you’re babysitting all day. But here it’s like I actually get to teach and enjoy the kids, and I don’t have to just put out fires all the time. I think this district is special in that regard." 

Mr. James O'Connell, Physical Education Teacher, Freedom Elementary

Step inside Mr. O’Connell’s P.E. class at Freedom Elementary School, and you’ll notice a different kind of ‘gym class.’