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Preschool Registration

Welcome to the Liberty Elementary School District preschool program. Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, preschool is slated be an option for more LESD families. Until now, our preschool program was only available for students with special needs.

This coming year, the program is scheduled to roll out to students of all abilities. However, there is limited availability and a current waitlist. There is also a nominal fee for the program, which will be centrally located at Liberty Elementary School.

Please fill out the form below if you're interested in more information.

School Year Tuition Rates

Preschool tuition rates are based on an annual fee. One full month’s tuition of $275 plus the registration fee is due at the time of enrollment and both fees are non-refundable. The balance of the tuition may be paid in installments due by the first school day of every month, September through May.  Any tuition payment not received by the due date is subject to a $35 late fee per occurrence. Payment not made by the 15th of the month will result in the child being withdrawn from the program. Tuition will be paid monthly regardless of the amount of the days in that month.  There are no refunds or credits for absence, illness or when school is closed (days when schools are closed are already factored into the annual fee). 

There are 2 payment options, please choose one:

  • Pay in full by September 1, 2022

  • 10 equal payments (Due the 1st of each month September-May)

Contact Information

Kristel High
Early Childhood Preschool Coordinator

Alma Cano
Admin Assistant to the Executive Director of Special Services