Gifted Education Program

MAG Classroom

Gifted Education Program Lead Teachers

 Estrella Mountain Elementary School        Zuzana Finn
 Freedom Elementary School  Loren Velasquez
 Las Brisas Academy  Michelle Wilson
 Liberty Elementary School  Alyssa Nunez
 Liberty Online School Tina Canedo
 Rainbow Valley Elementary School  Lezlee Garvey
 Westar Elementary School  Connie Crowley

The mission of the Liberty Elementary School District’s gifted education program is to meet the social-emotional and academic needs of each of our identified gifted and talented students by providing rich learning opportunities to enhance their potential to become innovative thinkers, community leaders and lifelong learners through a continuum of differentiated services.


The Liberty Elementary School District recognizes that gifted students have unique educational needs that are met by educating the whole child through a variety of services and options. The role of the gifted program is to identify gifted students and to challenge them at their individual academic level while teaching creative and higher-level thinking skills.

Program Objectives

• Enhance critical thinking and reasoning abilities
• Utilize differentiated strategies for learning
• Build and extend cognitive language skills
• Facilitate opportunities for learning
• Establish and promote scholarly behavior
• Develop social and emotional skills

Learning Environment

The Liberty Elementary School District offers several gifted models to ensure that all gifted students receive appropriate instruction.

Kindergarten on all campuses will receive enrichment within the regular classroom during the school day provided by the general education teacher. Differentiation takes the form of enriched activities in various subject areas.

1st -8th Grade Cluster Schoolwide Grouping model, as identified by Winebrenner & Brulles 2008, will be utilized. A general education teacher will teach clustered grade level classes on all campuses. Gifted services are provided throughout the day. The cluster teacher provides differentiated instruction in the way of enriched curriculum that is more challenging, offers extension activities, and/or independent research projects. Projects require higher-order and creative thinking skills.

Self-Contained Multi-age Gifted (MAG) Classroom offered at Westar Elementary School serves students in a self-contained setting in (4-6) and (7-8). Selection is based on a primary area of giftedness with a score of 97 or better on at least one area (verbal, nonverbal or quantitative) on the Cognitive Abilities Test. The multi-age classroom provides students an alternate setting to the cluster gifted classrooms to ensure highly gifted student needs are met. Gifted instruction is provided throughout the day. Students may attend some classes with other non-gifted students throughout the day.

If you have further questions regarding the program, please feel free to speak with you child's teacher, school principal, or you may contact the Educational Services Department at 623.474.6600.