LESD Online Auction

Liberty Elementary School District #25 disposes of surplus materials and equipment on a regular  basis through an online auction process. Materials and equipment consist of items which can no longer be utilized in the district or are damaged beyond repair. Items can include furniture,  school equipment, facilities equipment, appliances, and more.

Auction dates vary throughout the year.

Liberty Elementary School District #25 has partnered with Public Surplus online auction house for Internet-Based Online Sales (www.PublicSurplus.com) to maximize the District’s return on obsolete or used items while minimizing the disposal costs for the District. The District encourages you to regularly visit the Public Surplus website for detailed information, to become a registered buyer, and to view a list of current auctions.

For more information about Public Surplus or to register as a buyer, click on the following link:


Each Online Sale will be open for bidding for not less than 14 days

Public Surplus Contact Information: (800) 591-5546

Liberty Elementary School District #25 Contact Information: (623) 474-6600
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Auction Payment and Pick-Up Procedure

Terms and Conditions for Bidding

Liberty District Standard Disclaimer