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Bus Conduct & Safety Rules

Riding the school bus is a privilege granted by the school district and is not a right of the student. The following rules apply to all students riding on regular routes to/from school, field trips, after school activities, or alternative educational routes, and are under the direct supervision of the bus driver. All students eligible for transportation have the right to a safe and efficient transport. It is the student’s responsibility to do the following:

  • Be on time. Show up at least 10 minutes before the bus arrives. Parent or guardian will be responsible for transporting students who miss the bus.

  • Respect private property at the bus stop. No littering, trespassing or vandalism.

  • Conform to the same behavior/rules as required on school campus.

  • Follow the driver’s/monitor’s directions at all times.

  • Respect bus property. No littering or vandalism. Parents will be charged for bus damage caused by student.

  • Enter and leave the bus in an orderly manner. Stay away from the Danger Zone.

  • Stay seated and out of the aisle while the bus is in motion. Student needs to face forward, have their back to the back of the seat, and feet on the ground.

  • Keep all body parts inside the bus. Do not throw anything out of the windows.

  • Keep hands, feet, and all other objects in your possession to yourself. Backpacks or any other items will need to be placed on your lap or under the seat. Disciplinary measures will be handled as deemed appropriate for any action that endangers the safety and well being of others on the bus.

  • No eating, drinking, or gum chewing will be allowed. We will allow water bottles.

  • No loud voices. Your bus driver needs to be able to listen and concentrate on the road.

We will enforce the following rules any time students are transported by a district vehicle as well as the guidelines detailed in The Minimum Standards published by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Bus Safety Information