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Educational Services

A highly effective teacher is the key to a child’s success.

The Educational Services department has oversight of all learning and teaching processes across the district. Our department is committed to equipping all teachers and instructional leaders to powerfully impact student achievement. Educational Services invests in school specific and district wide support through meaningful assessment development, resource provision and differentiated professional learning experiences

The core purpose of the department is to operate as a true service center to schools by providing high-quality, learner-centered, educational services that equip and support the schools in meeting the district’s vision for the future.

The Educational Services department has oversight of the following areas:

  • Assessment

  • Career and college readiness

  • Curriculum

  • English learners

  • Gifted services

  • Innovation and design

  • Learning technology

  • Multilingual learning

  • Personalized learning

  • Professional learning

  • Special Education


What is Taught in Liberty's Schools?

For more information on LESD's curriculum, please click HERE.


Contact Information

Educational Services Office
(623) 474-6600

Fax Line
(623) 474-6669