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About Liberty

Homegrown Liberty

Since 1908, the Liberty Elementary School District has a long and rich educational history of molding and developing young minds into future leaders. Since the first day of school September 21, 1908 when Martha Casey, one of the first Liberty teachers, started class, the district has been proud to serve both the students and community. The District has grown from a one-room schoolhouse into a multi-school educational institution, focused on high student achievement as well as educational and professional goals and expectations. The belief that all students can succeed permeates the attitudes of all who work with our students.

The first building of the district was constructed in 1910 by a group of farmers and community members who found it essential to provide a place for the children of the rural areas of Buckeye to attend. The 1910 building, sitting on the corner of Highway 85 and Liberty Road is the oldest, still in use schoolhouse in the state of Arizona. Liberty became its own district with schools residing in the townships of Buckeye, Goodyear and Maricopa County.

Spanning approximately 285 square miles of both rural and suburban settings, the Liberty District is surrounded by a variety of landscapes including: mountains, desert, farmland and urban developments. Fields of cotton, alfalfa, and grain provide a beautiful landscape in our rural area for all to enjoy while cacti, and desert plants spawn our mountainsides.

The economy of the area is based on farming, manufacturing, distribution, housing development, and power generation. At the turn of the millennium urban development began to build off of the farmland and add to the economy, bringing recognition to the area as a formidable town and community in the West Valley that has the potential of building a strong economy as well as providing exceptional education. The area is projected to be one of the most vibrant, growing areas of the southwest valley. Estrella Mountain Community College and Arizona State University West provide educational opportunities for all ages and areas of interest.

Come visit and you will want to live in this vibrant, growing community, where no one is a stranger.